Design fair day, El Sagrado

Laura Napoli{with my little partner}

The last design fair in which I participated was Feria del Sagrado in a school at Belgrano neighborhood. These are some of the new products that are on sale at the online store





Beautiful creations from other exhibitors:

Sofia sabe


Bordado Mejicano / Fee maison cuadernos


Mermeladas artesanales




Vulnerable a tu amor

More design fairs to come!


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Meditation. Day 2.

A little advice from Deepak Chopra on how to meditate:

Start by taking a deep breath. Feel your body and notice any tension you are holding. Take another deep breath and as you exhale, let it all go. Take a moment to reflect on the tone of your recent inner dialogue, the quality of your interactions with others, and the emotions you have been experiencing along the way. Just observe what is. This exercise can be done in one or two minutes and is one way to strengthen your alignment with your true self, or soul. Your true self is infinite love and always feels safe and connected.


{Sunset in Montevideo, Uruguay}

The Spiritual Law of Least Effort tells us that we can do less and accomplish more, an idea that seems at odds with what many of us have been taught throughout our lives. We’ve been told that success is the result of hard work, struggle, and sacrifice. Today we will tap into the ever present flow of natural ease that is available within, as we plant the seeds to live our destiny each and every day.

The universe has infinite organizing power, and as conscious beings, we have ready access to this realm simply by spending time in stillness and silence. The same consciousness that orchestrates the myriad rhythms of the whole world dwells within each of us. As we cultivate present moment awareness and remain open to the many opportunities life offers, we open to the power within us to realize all our dreams with effortless ease.

The centering thought for today is:

Abundance flows easily and freely to me.


Etiquette: Important Manners for Every Day


We use daily manners constantly without even thinking. From greeting to expressing thanks; these simple exchanges are the foundation of all interactions. Since our choices impact others, it is important to make our choices thoughtfully,  so as to communicate a considerate awareness of oneself and others.

Manners acquired by a person can be good or bad. Due to these bad manners, we can be involved in difficult situations where we have to deal with disrespect and rudeness. So, how to deal with those situations? It might be easy…

  • First thing first, stay calm. Well, these is not too easy for me but it is key to think reasonably and make right decisions.
  • Also, size up your annoyances. Is it worth it to make a fuss over something small, or is it a waste of your emotional time?
  • Other thing that I had to work hard during the past years was to think twice before answer. This can give you a new perspective.
  • Also, don’t take it personally. Perhaps the offender is having a bad day.

Meditation. Day 1

“As we meditate, we make space in our minds to connect with our body and spirit. It is from this space that we connect with our deepest truth as we invite increased peace, joy, and wellbeing into our lives”. Namaste

Bora Bora 1

Last year, I discovered the power of meditation and whenever I feel the need to put my mind blank and have positive thoughts. In silence, I try to connect with my soul. A few days ago, I was reading passages from Deepak Chopa that help me meditate. I would like to share them.

Today we will consider the one thing that is required for any relationship to flourish:  knowing who we really are. While there is a natural tendency to find an identity in our roles in life, our personality, our work, our body, our culture, our stories of the past, and our dreams for the future, in reality, these are all temporary, external aspects of ourselves. Who we really are is eternal and unbounded. Our true self is pure love and pure spirit. While our ego-mind may feel isolated and separate, our essential nature is whole and inextricably connected to the universe. Therefore, our journey towards miraculous relationships isn’t about searching for anything outside of ourselves. It’s about discovering the love that is already within us, and expressing it in all of our relationships.

A little advice from Deepak Chopra on how to meditate:

Start by taking a deep breath. Feel your body and notice any tension you are holding. Take another deep breath and as you exhale, let it all go. Take a moment to reflect on the tone of your recent inner dialogue, the quality of your interactions with others, and the emotions you have been experiencing along the way. Just observe what is. This exercise can be done in one or two minutes and is one way to strengthen your alignment with your true self, or soul. Your true self is infinite love and always feels safe and connected.

Bora Bora 7

God bless you.

Design fair day, mother´s day

On the previous Saturday of the last mother´s day (by the way, it was my first mother´s day)  I was standing behind a table lined with rows of my creations that I had made with dedication and love. It was my first design fair and I could not feel more ready and of course, my beautiful little things were ready to SELL too! :) I was recently reminded of how unpredictable life is, how the wars we prepare for are not necessarily the wars we fight.

How fun! More design fairs to come!







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Other beautiful things from the design fair “El Cultural”, Villa Urquiza:


Namaste artesanías


Happy Pumkin


Tea Soul


Analía Recalde, artesanías en papel y Dulces Momentos

Etiquette: Word Power



Tone of Voice

What you say is important: how you say it can be equally important. An undercurrent of anger, an air of distraction, or an edge of sarcasm will influence how your partner hears what you’re saying. If you are truly feeling any of these emotions, you should talk about it. However, if these emotions are a carry over from a bad day, a missed appointment, an altercation with your boss, put them on the back burner.

Our Honeymoon: Easter Island

Our honeymoon in photos. Day 4: Easter Island. Simply magical!

Isla de Pascua 1

Isla de Pascua 2

Isla de Pascua 3

Isla de Pascua 4

Isla de Pascua 5

Isla de Pascua 6

Isla de Pascua 7

Isla de Pascua 8

Isla de Pascua 9

Our Honeymoon: Bora Bora

Our honeymoon in photos. Day 3: Nuestra luna de miel en fotos. Día 3: paradise in Bora Bora.

Bora Bora 1

Bora Bora 2

Bora Bora 3

Bora Bora 4

Bora Bora 6

Bora Bora 7

Bora Bora 8

Our Honeymoon: Moorea

Our honeymoon in photos. Day 2: the beautiful island of Moorea in Polinesia.

Moorea 1

Moorea 10

Moorea 9

Moorea 8

Moorea 7

Moorea 6

Moorea 5

Moorea 4

Moorea 3

Moorea 2

Our Honeymoon: Huahine

Our honeymoon in photos. Day 1, the exotic island of Huahine in Polinesia.

Huahine 1

Huahine 2

Huahine 3

Huahine 4

Huahine 5

Huahine 6

Huahine 7

Huahine 8

Huahine 9


Fall Essentials

One of the most challenging things about the transition from warm to chilly weather clothing is to deal with the difference of temperatures during the day. The transition should be gradually. I like to make it subtle, choosing a layered outfit. This way, you can extend the wear of some of your summer pieces without immediately transitioning to your fall wardrobe.

At the beginning of the season is unthinkable speculate with sales and special offers and considering that I do not have unlimited account in the bank, it is important to decide which things are worth saving up for and those that can be purchased for less. It obviously depends on your lifestyle. For me, these are my priorities:


Spend: handbags, shoes, jeans, sweaters, lingerie, sunglasses and coats.


Save: scarves, blouses, accessories, jewelry, tights and trendy items.

Mother’s Day Handmade Gift


{Instructions here}

For someone, elsewhere, Mother’s Day is coming! (Sunday, May 12th) If you prefer to make your gifts (or you’re strapped for cash!) this incredibly sweet little bowl that you could make as big or little as you want is a great present. The marbled effect is made using nail polish – grab some of your old bottles or pick up some colours that she likes.


Starting your own business


I have my business in the leather industry. I design and I manufacture leather handbags and accessories. It is my dream project. It is my goal and personal satisfaction. I have to say that it was more difficult than I thought but I think that I keep on it because I simply love what I do. It is a long process that becomes more real day by day. I learnt a lot from people that I work with and also I have learnt a lot about me.

I read a couple of advices that I couldn’t be more agree with and I would like to share them:

Do what you love. If you enjoy what you’re doing, it won’t feel like work and you are inherently more likely to do well.

You need business experience. Even if it’s not formal business training, a law career or expertise in another field is necessary.

Don’t quit your day (or night) job. Having a steady income is helpful so you’re not totally dependent on the new project.

Follow your passion. Starting a company requires a million different sacrifices and painfully long hours—you won’t succeed if your heart is not in it.

Passion is essential. You need to make sure that you’re passionate about the product you’re basing your business around and that you are soulfully connected to the mission of the company. When I started, I truly felt that I had something that needed to exist and I needed it to be successful.

Have fun with the fantasy. Starting a business is really hard and it can be a marathon in terms of keeping spirits up and staying positive.

Picking a great team. People are everything and will make or break your business. Find the people you respect most and work with them – be relentless about creating an amazing team.

Failure is part of the process – In many ways, you should fail your way to success. Nobody gets it right the first time, so fail quickly and fail often and learn from each of the steps in order to create a winning strategy.

Be unexpected and give people a reason to talk about you. Whether that is including hand-written notes to customers or selling something quirky like a monocle—being creative and standing out from the crowd goes a long way.

And also, I would say:

  • Trust your instincts.
  • If it is too easy, I would be worried. Resistance is actually good to let you evaluate and rethink your approach.
  • Partner with people that are smarter than you. People that can enhance your abilities and support your weakness.



{coral After midnight}

Available here soon


Make Every Day Earth Day


Make every day Earth Day. Personally, I am completely committed to make simple changes every day and make a better environment for my family.  I want our planet to be a healthy place for future generations. This is the way I started:

  • Planting plants and trees. I decided to make my little balcony a green space.
  • Unplugging electrical devices that do not need to be all day on.
  • Walking more (or bike, but this is not my case). It’s cheaper and you do exercise daily.
  • Taking my own Rolser or reusable bag to the grocery store.

Every little bit counts, even if it’s just not dropping paper on the street or turning off the lights when you leave a room.


Happy Earth Day…

Happy Earth Day….


 and Happy Birthday to Me!!!

Wedding Week: Our Favorite Moments

favorite moments

Wedding Week: Details and Decor


One of the best finds was found Gisela from Eventua that helped us to stay calm that day knowing that she was going to take charge on everything regarding decoration and setup. She created the perfect ambient for the ceremony and also did a great job with the party room decor. There were a few details that I personally picked out like the tissues with our initials and the cones with rose petals for the moment that we walked back up the aisle. The flowers were one of things that got more praises apart from my dress. Verónica from Tropic Flower created the most incredible bouquet for me with pink peonies. She also made the centerpieces using the same flowers that my girlfriends took them home at the end of the night. The cake was very simple, it had two floors, one was chocotorta (it is a classic cake for kids!) and the other one was filled with almonds and nuts. I ordered four butterflies of sugar and a peonies bouquet to decorate the cake. The favors were one of the things that we decided first. I love Vassalisa chocolate so we ordered a box with two chocolates each. Testing a lot of chocolates to, finally, choose only two was the best part.


peonies and rings


tears of love




Event arrangements: Eventua

Wedding invitations: Impress

Floral design: Tropic Flower

Cake ornaments: Moira Patissiere

Favors: Vassalisa


Next up: Our favorite moments


Wedding Week: The Reception

first dance


After the ceremony, our guests moved to other part of “La Terraza del Virrey” at the Intercontinental Hotel for cocktails and appetizers. The menu was all included and we knew that it would be very good and plentiful. All of the drinks were a hit, made by FashionDrinks, but my favorite was the passion fruit daiquiri. When the time was ready, all the guests entered to the party room waiting for us to make the big entrance. Our first song was “Just the way you look tonight” and at the end of the song our family and friends started dancing with us. It was really beautiful. Following the rate that the DJ set, we danced and ate all night long.


the venue



Venue: Terraza del Virrey at Intercontinental Hotel

Cocktails: FashionDrinks

Next up: Wedding Week – Details and Decor

Wedding Week: The Ceremony

we 6

The truth is we did not know what to include in a simbolic ceremony. Our own wedding was the first time that we attended to a ceremony of this kind! We only knew that we wanted to exchange the vows and the rings infront of our closest family and friends. The officiant was a girlfriend of us, actually, she introduced us three years ago. She was our cupid! It was a personal and touching ceremony where family and friends also participated saying a few words direct from their hearts.

Before we walked down the aisle, I was so calm. I think I knew that Julio was waiting for me and next to him I am always well. I took my dad’s arm and we walked down the aisle to Pachelbel’s Canon. Our godchildren walked ahead me holding the rings and the vows – It was the way to make that day special for them too.

We wept through the entire ceremony. My favorite moment was when Julio said his vows and put the ring on me.  After we were pronounced husband and wife, we walked back up the aisle to a Song of Love.

walking back 1

 we 5

we 7

Next up: Wedding Week – The Reception

Wedding Week: Our Look

I can finally find the moment to share our special day. I’ll be covering a different aspect of the wedding each day this week, starting with: our look.

We got married in a civil union among our close family and friends. For that special day, I wore a dress handmade by my mom. It was so special for both of us due to my grandmother made my mother´s wedding dress, I think we have just set a tradition. Now, I do not know what I will do if we have a daughter!. My shoes were the splurge of the ocassion, a Jimmy Choo sandals that I madly felt in love with. My beauty look was very simple, wavy hair and natural makeup.

Civil 3

Civil 2

To celebrate the union, we made a ceremony and a party the following Saturday. That day I wore the white dress that I have always dreamed about. When I was searching for the perfect dress, I was looking for a comfortable gown that let me eat, dance and sit. I wanted to be femenine and classic (a dress that will never be outdated) and I wanted to feel like a bride (a dress that will be a wedding dress even it is not white). I wore a dreamed White by Vera Wang dress. Since my newly husband popped the question, I dreamed with the organza fit and flare gown with bias flange skirt that I had seen on line with my mom and dad. Luckily, we went to NYC on vacation and I bought the dress in a David’s Bridal store. It felt so right since the moment that I put it on. My only beauty look request was a white orchid as my hair accessory so the whole look just joined this beautiful flower.

I respected the England tradition and I wore something new – the dress-, something old – Swarovski earrings that my husband gave me for an anniversary-, something blue – my underware- and something borrowed – my mom´s wedding belt that was readapted for my dress-.

Hair and Makeup

The dress

We 2

We 3

Both days, I was surprisingly calm. I felt so happy that I had not chance to get nervous. I loved thinking about what Julio was doing and if he was nervous. I could barely wait to see him with his black bow tie waiting for me.


Photographs: Mariano Lopinto

Bride Details:

Civil Union:

Dress: Made with love by my mom
Flowers: Tropic Flower
Shoes: Jimmy Choo (purchased at Bergdorf Goodman)

Symbolic Ceremony and Party:

Dress: White by Vera Wang (purchased at David’s Bridal)
Flowers: Tropic Flower
Shoes: Belle de Jour

Groom Details:

Suit and shoes: Tombolini

Bow: Azalea


Next up: Wedding Week – The Ceremony