Etiquette: Word Power


  Tone of Voice What you say is important: how you say it can be equally important. An undercurrent of anger, an air of distraction, or an edge of sarcasm will influence how your partner hears what you’re saying. If you are truly feeling any of these emotions, you should talk about it. However, if […]

Our Honeymoon: Easter Island

id isla de pascua

Our honeymoon in photos. Day 4: Easter Island. Simply magical!

Our Honeymoon: Bora Bora

id bora bora

Our honeymoon in photos. Day 3: Nuestra luna de miel en fotos. Día 3: paradise in Bora Bora.

Our Honeymoon: Moorea

id moorea

Our honeymoon in photos. Day 2: the beautiful island of Moorea in Polinesia.

Our Honeymoon: Huahine

id huahine

Our honeymoon in photos. Day 1, the exotic island of Huahine in Polinesia.  

Fall Essentials


One of the most challenging things about the transition from warm to chilly weather clothing is to deal with the difference of temperatures during the day. The transition should be gradually. I like to make it subtle, choosing a layered outfit. This way, you can extend the wear of some of your summer pieces without […]

Mother’s Day Handmade Gift

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{Instructions here} For someone, elsewhere, Mother’s Day is coming! (Sunday, May 12th) If you prefer to make your gifts (or you’re strapped for cash!) this incredibly sweet little bowl that you could make as big or little as you want is a great present. The marbled effect is made using nail polish – grab some of your […]

Starting your own business

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I have my business in the leather industry. I design and I manufacture leather handbags and accessories. It is my dream project. It is my goal and personal satisfaction. I have to say that it was more difficult than I thought but I think that I keep on it because I simply love what I […]

Make Every Day Earth Day


Make every day Earth Day. Personally, I am completely committed to make simple changes every day and make a better environment for my family.  I want our planet to be a healthy place for future generations. This is the way I started: Planting plants and trees. I decided to make my little balcony a green […]

Happy Earth Day…

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Happy Earth Day….  and Happy Birthday to Me!!!